Board Education & Training

Those that have never served on a HOA’s board of directors may be surprised to learn about the scope and severity of their responsibilities. HOA directors are held to the highest standard of care under the law; they are deemed “fiduciaries” that must uphold certain duties when making decisions and taking actions on behalf of their communities.

Over the course of our nearly 30 years representing HOAs of all types and sizes, we have learned that an educated board is the key to a successful and stable community. We are passionate about the education of our clients and finding more ways to expand upon the value we provide them. In addition to our blog, newsletters, educational print materials, and thousands of pages of educational content on our firm’s online law library,, we regularly conduct board training sessions that address numerous important topics such as:

  • Fiduciary duties and standards of care
  • Changes in the law and recent court cases impacting HOA governance
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Assessments and collection processes
  • Enforcement processes
  • Industry trends and “best practices”

For clients that opt to benefit from our firm’s retainer program, they may elect to have our attorneys give their board an educational training session every year, free of charge.