Contract Matters

HOAs contract with numerous types of vendors to provide services to the HOA and its members. It is important for every board to understand that a vendor’s contract will never be drafted in a way that protects the HOA; it will be drafted to protect the vendor. When vendor disputes arise, HOAs that have not had that vendor’s contract reviewed by legal counsel prior to its execution face significant–and often expensive–problems that could have been easily avoided.

A routine part of our firm’s services include the review and preparation of contracts between our HOA clients and their vendors, such as:

  • HOA management contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Painting contracts
  • Patrol service contracts
  • Landscape management contracts
  • Roofing contracts
  • Asphalt/paving contracts
  • Plumbing/re-pipe contracts

We ensure that vendor contracts contain the appropriate indemnity, insurance and other legal protections benefiting the HOA and its members. If vendors want the privilege of working in our clients’ communities, they may do so on our clients’ terms; terms that are fair, that are aligned with industry standards, that allocate risk equitably, and that provide for the cost-effective resolution of a dispute if it arises.