Dispute Resolution & Litigation Services

Dispute Resolution Services

One of the reasons why we have client relationships that span decades is because of our commitment to resolving our clients’ disputes non-judicially. Avoiding costly litigation should be the primary focus for any HOA. The efforts a HOA takes to first resolve disputes through cost-effective mediation and alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) helps promote community harmony and, in the event litigation becomes necessary, bolsters the strength of the HOA’s position.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and problem solvers. We have resolved hundreds of contentious matters at the ADR stage and, in doing so, earned the respect of some of the industry’s most experienced mediators and neutrals.


Litigation Services

The majority of disputes impacting HOAs can–and should–be resolved through skilled representation, negotiation, and non-judicial dispute resolution procedures such as ADR. However, when litigation does become necessary, we provide our clients with aggressive, responsive and detail-oriented litigation services. We ensure that before any case is filed, the Association’s likelihood of prevailing, and recovering the attorney’s fees it will incur in litigation, warrant taking that route. If our clients are sued and are represented by insurance-appointed defense counsel, we provide oversight of those attorneys and evaluation of their actions.

From initial case evaluation, to settlement negotiation, to representation through trial and appeal, we are known for the personalized attention we devote to our clients and the zeal with which we represent their interests. Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted lawsuits for our clients on various types of matters including:

  • Architectural violations
  • Assessment collection matters
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Disability claims
  • Easement disputes
  • Election disputes
  • Governing document enforcement
  • Nuisance issues
  • Property damage claims