General Legal Counsel

Tinnelly Law Group is recognized by the community association industry as one of California’s most experienced HOA general counsel firms.

HOA Boards of Directors are subject to a unique and dynamic legal environment. They face a range of legal issues that require counseling and representation. These issues often include contract, property, corporate governance, maintenance, election, enforcement, collection, insurance and real estate considerations. We pride ourselves on maintaining a breadth of knowledge of these issues, and on being able to successfully provide our clients with effective and economical solutions to their diverse problems.

  • Relationship Focused. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. We share the same sense of duty and investment in the long-term success of our clients’ communities as their respective Boards of Directors. The trust we have earned in this regard has resulted in many client relationships that span decades.
  • Clear and Specific Guidance. When an issue surfaces that requires our opinion as to the interpretation of HOA governing documents or controlling law, we provide clear and specific guidance to our clients. We are not “fence sitters.” We are known for the quality, detail and specificity of our opinions. Your Board will know exactly what we think on a particular matter, and exactly what actions should be taken to protect and promote the interests of your HOA.
  • Success through Education. We routinely conduct Board training seminars and other educational sessions to empower our clients and to promote the adoption of HOA “best practices.” We also publish hundreds of pages of educational materials for our clients, constantly track changes in the law that could affect their communities and their current operations, and maintain an online library of law with thousands of pages of educational content: Our clients appreciate not only our expert knowledge of what the law is, but our knowledge of what the law will be.
  • Responsive and Motivated Professionals. Our team recognizes the importance of responsive and accessible attorneys and staff. The stress and worry that attend matters of legal significance should never be compounded by detached and unresponsive legal counsel. Our office policies, internal systems and cutting-edge software are designed to promote the delivery of quality legal services quickly and cost-efficiently.