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Board Member Basics

Board Member Basics (5th Ed., 2017)

Understanding your role as a community association board member.

Every year hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout California volunteer their time and effort to serve on their community association’s board of directors. Now in its fifth year of publication, our Board Member Basics guidebook provides board members with a basic understanding of the important role they play, as well as the various legal obligations they must fulfill in managing their association’s affairs. Inside, we’ve included pertinent Code sections and case law excerpts, along with real world, practical guidance for board members from all types of associations. We update Board Member Basics annually to reflect changes in the law, industry trends and association best practices.

We are pleased to provide our clients and industry partners with free copies of Board Member Basics. If you would like a copy, please click the “Request a Copy” link below.


Our firm publishes articles addressing popular issues faced by our clients and industry partners. The information contained in the articles below may be of value to you, your Association and its management. Our HOA Lawyer Blog is also a great resource for mini-articles on an array of Homeowners Association topics, news and recent case law.

Inspection and Copying of Association Records california homeowners law
An overview of member record-inspection rights and the related requirements of the HOA.
HOA Compliance with California Pesticide Regulations california hoa law
An overview of the pesticide notification requirements applicable to HOAs and their vendors.
“Tendering” Lawsuits Brought Against the HOA california community association
Helpful guidance for HOA Boards and their management.
Association Reserve Accounts and Reserve Studies california hoa
Understanding the importance of properly funding and maintaining a reserve account.
Responding to Requests for Accommodation california hoa
What constitutes a disability and what information is obtainable by an Association.
The Basics of AB 805 california hoa
An overview of the substantive changes to the Davis-Stirling Act effective Jan. 2014
HOA Concerns in Contracting with Vendors california hoa
Understanding how to protect the interests of the HOA and its members
Committees: Delegating Authority to Achieve Efficiency california hoa
Utilizing committees to circumvent Civil Code constraints on conducting HOA business.
Disabled Residents and the Law california hoa
The legal obligations of a HOA in accommodating disabled residents.
Rogue Directors: Battling Bad Behavior homeowners association lawyers
Measures for dealing with improper HOA director conduct.
Challenges to Homeowners Association Elections condo law
The who, what, when and why of HOA election disputes.
Association Repair and Renovation Loans
Issues and concerns relating to borrowing by an Association.
Bankrupt Owners in Your Community
Bankruptcy basics and the common issues affecting Associations.
Surveillance Cameras within your Association
The potential benefits of HOA surveillance cameras and guidelines for their use.
Drifting Tobacco Smoke in the Condominium Environment
Understanding Association rights and obligations to prevent unwanted smoke exposure.
SB 563: Boards and their Business
A breakdown of the 2011 legislation impacting board meetings.
SB 150 and the Impact on Rental Restrictions
Why Associations must evaluate their rental restrictions NOW.
Absorbing Credit Card Transaction Fees
Why providing credit card processing of assessment payments may be problematic for an Association.
Guarding Members’ Contact Information
How to prevent unwanted disclosure of members’ private contact information.