The Community Association Update

Our firm distributes the Community Association Update to track recent developments in hoa law and to respond to issues raised by our clients and their management. If you have a topic or issue you would like to see covered in future editions, please click here to send us a question.

2018 – Annual Legislative & Case Law Update
AB 690 – Management Disclosures
AB 534 – Notice of Lien Claims
Reasonable Rent Restrictions
Business Judgment Rule Application
Governor Declares End of Drought
What does Legalized Marijuana Mean for your HOA?
‘No Cost’ Collections Can Prove Very Costly
Pre-Lien Demands and FDCPA Concerns
Access to Membership List Must be for a Proper Purpose
Annual Legislative & Case Law Update (2017)
Business Judgment Rule Does Not Protect the “Willfully Ignorant”
HOA Liability for Employees of Independent Contractors
Could HOA Assessments Become Tax Deductible?
Governor Lifts 25% Mandatory Water Reduction
Vetting HOA Vendors & their Contracts
Simplified FHA Recertification
Homeowner Attorneys at HOA Board Meetings
Sober Living Homes in you HOA?
Annual Legislative & Case Law Update (2016)
AB 596: New FHA/VA Disclosures
Avoiding Claims of “Selective Enforcement”
Occupancy Limitations and HOAs
Increased Maintenance Requirements for HOA Pools
Expanded Scope of Judicial Deference: Renter Fees
Hardwood Flooring & ‘Nuisance’ Noise
Expanded Scope of Attorney’s Fees Awards
Expanded Emergency Regulation: Irrigation Activities
Personal Food Gardens Becoming a Nuisance?
Annual Legislative & Case Law Update (2015)
Repair/Replacement of Exclusive Use Common Area
Attorneys at IDR
Low-water using Plants; Watering During Droughts
Property Damage Liability on Nuisance Grounds
Are You Prepared for the New Annual Disclosures?
Inspection & Copying of Association Records
HOAs Prohibited from Fining for Failure to Water
Motorized Scooters in HOA Common Areas?
HOA Restrictions on Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs)
Non-residents Accessing HOA Property?
HOA Standing to Sue Developer over Parking Rights
Clarifying Attorney-Client Privilege in CD Litigation
Community Website for our HOA?
HOA Dealing with Unruly Tenants?
HOA Compliance with CA Pesticide Regulations
Do “No-Cost” HOA Collection Companies “Wield Unchecked Power”?
Court Upholds HOA Enforcement of ‘Maid-Unit’ Rent Restriction
HOA Committee Meetings Open to the Membership?
Annual Legislative & Case Law Update (2014)
Tendering Lawsuits Brought Against the HOA
HOA Election Rules for Director Qualifications
SB752: Commercial & Industrial CID Act Signed into Law
HOA Managers Not “Contractors,” But Beware…
Who is Entitled to Attend Board Meetings on an Owner’s Behalf?
HOA Collection Procedures: Strict Compliance Required
Equal Access to HOA Media Outlets During Election Campaigns
Dealing with Homeowner Delay in ADR Scheduling
New Article: HOA Reserve Accounts & Reserve Studies
New Legislation: AB 2237 – Contractor Licensing Law
Asked & Answered: Restrictions on Companion & Service Animals
Asked & Answered: HOA Required to Allow Artificial Grass?
New Case Law: Recovering Pre-Litigation Attys’ Fees
New Case Law: Turning up the Heat on Res. Des. Profes.
New Article: Responding to Requests for Accommodation
HOA Gets ‘Smoked’ in Nuisance Enforcement Case
Annual Legislative & Case Law Update (2013)
New Case Law: Assessment Collections Fees in “No-Cost” Contracts
New Case Law: Recovering Attorneys’ Fees in HOA Election Disputes”
New Legislation: AB 2273: Resecuring HOA Assessment Streams
FHA Releases Revisions to Condominium Approval Guidelines
New Legislation: Davis-Stirling Reorg. Bills Signed! Effective 01/14
New Resource: “HOA Concerns in Contracting with Vendors”
New Case Law: Arbitration Provisions Rise Again in CD Disputes
Asked & Answered: Imposing Assessments for Exclusive Use Common Area Maintenance
New Resources: “Committees: Delegating Authority to Achieve Efficiency”; “Disabled Residents and the Law”
New Case Law: Protecting HOA Members’ Easement Rights
Asked & Answered: HOA Risk in Hiring Unlicensed Contractors
New Resources: “Association Repair and Renovation Loans”; “Challenges to Association Elections”; “Rogue Directors: Battling Bad Behavior”
New Legislation: SB 880 – EV Charging Stations (“Clean Up” Measure)
New Case Law: HOA Standing in Lawsuits with Third Parties
New Resources: HOA Surveillance Cameras; Owner Bankruptcies
2012 Legislative & Case Law Update
New Legislation: SB 563 – Board and their Business;
Asked & Answered: Requiring Boards to Sign “Ethics Rules”;
New Case Law: Statements about Board Candidates are Privileged
Legislative Updates: Rental Restrictions; EV Charging Stations; Artificial Turf
New Case Law: Recovering Repair Costs after Redemption
Asked & Answered: Short Sales; Trust Beneficiaries
Independent Contractor Liability; Anti-SLAPP Motions
Easements; Suspended Associations; Hoarding Inspections
Annual Legislative & Case Law Update condo law
Asked & Answered: Association Video Surveillance Cameras 
Construction Issues: Surety Bonds; Height Restrictions 
Annual Legislative & Case Law Update